portrait of Nicholas Baudin, French explorer NICOLAS BAUDIN AND MATTHEW FLINDERS

The Antiquarian Print Gallery is celebrating the bicentenary of this historic ‘Encounter’ We are issuing a Quality Limited Edition taken from our collection of original French cartography published in the atlas "Historique...", 1811: the record of charts and maps by Baudin’s cartographer, Louis de Freycinet. These maps represent the first unveiling of the South Australian coastline, previously recorded as the mysterious "Unknown Coast".

Encounter 2002: The Historical Meeting Of Nicolas Baudin And Matthew Flinders ~ Background
Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Nicolas Baudin

LEMBN1Kangaroo Island, 1802-1803

“Plan de L’Ile Decree A La Terre Napoleon: Nouvelle Hollande Par MML et H. Freycinet et Boullanger 1802 et 1803 ”
Originally Published Paris 1811-12
Baudin, unlike Matthew Flinders, circumnavigated Kangaroo Island. Consequently, when Flinders Terra Australis in 1814, he was faithful to that fact and kept the French Atlas' naming of the South coast of this Island.
Quality Limited Facsimile Edition is 350.
Same Size as original chart = 26.5cm x 16.5cm
Numbered Print.............................$75

Terre Napoleon, Nicolas Baudin, South Australia, South east australia, 1808

LEMBN2 South Coast of Australia,1808

"Carte Generale de la Terre Napoleon (a la Nouvelle Hollande)/ redigee d'apres les travaux executes a bord de la corvette le Geographe et de la Goellette le Casuarina par M.L. Freycinet an 1808"
Originally Published Paris 1811-12, this map has delicately hand coloured cartouches featuring Napoleon himself in the upper right hand corner, and a natural history scene revealing the wonders of this previously un recorded coastline, in thee lower left hand corner.
Quality Limited Facsimile Edition is 250.
Same Size as original chart = 68cm x 48cm Numbered Print.............................$375
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map of st. vincent gulf and map of spencer gulf

LEMBN3Gulf of St. Vincent and Spencer Gulf, 1803

"Carte generale des Golfes Bonaparte et Josephine (a la Terre Napoleon, Nouvelle Hollande)/ par M.M.L. Freycinet et Boullanger 1803"
A detail of the gulfs, also published in 1811-12, that appears on the larger map of the South Coast of Australia. This map's importance in highlighting the names of prominent features (after important people!) was not reprinted when the French were olbliged to replace many French names with the ones Matthew Flinders had chosen if he discovery had predated Baudin's Voyage. Also many of those people of importance were no longer in postions of power.
Quality Limited Facsimile Edition is 350.
Size same as original chart = 19cm x 22cm
Numbered Print.............................$75

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