George Baxter, News from Home, original baxter print, 
1853,Australa, England,colonial


"News From Home"

Original combination etching/wood engraving printed in colour by Gerge Baxter (1804-1867) after the oil pinting by Harden S. Melville (active 1837) George Baxter Patented and is known as the BAXTER PROCESS. A famous image showing he preconceptions of colonial life in the Australian bush. The timber hut not only has a variety of animal life but also an Aborigiane dressed in a Maori feather cloak! Such was the confusian of images filtering back from the Antipodies.
Published London c.1853
Frame presentation uses conservation glass, mats and backing with a taditional veneer finish of poplar. Sold as a pair with "News From Australia"= AUD$670
George Baxter