'geology, survey map, Australian national Grid, Canberra, 1953,

Canberra: New South Wales
4 Mile Geological Series Sheet 1 55-16

Compiled by the Bureau Mineral Resources, Geophysics Department of National Development. Topographic base complied by the National Mapping Section, Department of the Interior.
Complete vertical coverage at medium scale by the Royal Australian Airforce. Transverse Mercator Projection.
Geology by: M.D. Garetty, B.P. Walpole...et al
Compiled by: G.A Joplin, L.C. Noakes and W.J.Perry
Drawn by H.F. Joechel.
Published May 1953
Size of Print =62cm x 88.5cm
Condition = good, folded 3 x 8 sections
Price = AUD $110

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