'Journal des Demoiselles', French, Fashion illustration, Original hand coloured engraving , c.1890

...By the mid-1880s, over one hundred European fashion periodicals were available. Journal des Demoiselles was well respected among their ranks. Since mass-produced clothing was not yet available, early fashion illustrations were invaluable sources of the latest trends for dressmakers and tailors who custom crafted wardrobes for individual customers. The illustrations helped accelerate the trend to change styles seasonally. Fashion plates promoted new styles to eager audiences not only in the place of origin, but in the respective empires! Along with the eagerly awaited "mail from HOME" that took months to reach the colonies, journals of what was the latest seasonal fashion hit far away shores. As they gained in popularity, fashion plates evolved from simple representations of women in stylish attire to elaborate group scenes with backdrops of luxurious interiors and fanciful landscapes. The plates often referenced the leisure pursuits of the wealthy, such as reading, promenading in public parks and socializing at balls. Although fashion plates represented the ideal, they still offer a window into the clothing, furnishings and social hierachy of their time period. They are a valuable resource for historians, costumiers, artists and fashion designers. The antique plates have become popular collectibles.>
Published Paris c.1890
Size of image approx = 200mm x 250mm
Size of Conservation presentation with decorative mat fillet = 400mm x 480mm
Original hand coloured engraving
Condition = paper discolouration throughout, notable consequence of age.