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American Illustrators & 20th Century Illustrators~Harrison Fisher (1875-1934)

"Fisher Girls"

Known as The Father of A Thousand Girls, HARRISON FISHER showed an early interest in drawing and from the age of six was instructed by his father, Hugh Antoine Fisher, a landscape painter. When his family moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco, Harrison studied there at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art. At sixteen, Fisher had begun to make drawings for the San Francisco Call and later for The Examiner. Soon after returning to New York, Fisher sold two sketches to Puck Magazine which also hired him as a staff artist. He became noted for his ability to draw beautiful women, and his Fisher Girls became rivals to those of Gibson and Christy. The American Girl was a favourite theme for the magazine then, and Fisher did cover illustrations for most of them. For many years he was under an exclusive contract to do covers for Cosmopolitan, but eventually he restricted himself to painting portraits including many actresses and theatrical personalities.   Harrison Fisher, one of the most recognized and admired illustrators of the day, portrayed the ladies of his acquaintance in a remarkable light.   - Walt Reed

"Art Nouveau (1885-1914) and the Arts& Crafts Movements(1890-1929)"

Both styles were a response to the radical changes brought on by the rapid urban growth and technological advances following the Industrial Revolution and evoked the softness of the organic world. The Arts and Crafts was a celebration of individual design & craftsmanship. The well-known William Morris spearheaded the movement with his designs and production techniques.
See two beautiful Art Nouveau Beauties after South Australian artist Maime Venner and Ledda Williams.
Original photogravure after the work of Harrison Fisher Published New York by Schribner's Sons, 1910
Size print 28cm x 38cm
Condition = Good with some light foxing.
Price = AUD$145 each (AUD$195 in mat presentation (510mm x 645 mm ready for frame and glass presentation of choice (see Frame Presentations)

'original photogravure,Harrison Fisher,illustrator 
motoring, car, rural, apple orchard, fashion, Adam & Eve, Published New York, Schribner's Sons, 1910'


"The Modern Eve"

Motoring scene with American beauty picking an apple and offering it to her male driver.

'original photogravure,Harrison Fisher, 
Proposal, Marriage, marry, fashion, fortune telling, palm reading, Published New York, Schribner's Sons, 1910'


"You will marry a Dark Man (Fortune Telling"

Fortune Teller deliverng some welcome news perchance?

'original photogravure af a reluctant romantic by Harrison Fisher Published New York by Schribner's Sons, 1910'


. "Taking Toll"

American Beauty feigning reluctance to the gentleman's advances!

'original photogravure, work of Harrison Fisher, Published New York, Schribner's Sons, 1910, vintage car'



A classic "Which way now?" moment of in the days of Vintage car travel!

American Illustrators ~Henry Hutt (1875~1950)

The most famous and admired of all American products, the American girl, Mr. Hutt has painted in her many moods and tenses with notable skill and success. “Her freshness and vigor, her grace and charm, her clear and frank beauty” find in him a sympathetic and enthusiatic interpreter who possessed the technical skill and mastery of line and the colour that enabled him to delightfully express his enthusiasm. Henry Hutt, by this stage, had already become as well known as an illustrator with such contemporaries as Harrison Fisher.
Original Photolithographs, Published New York, c.1908
Size= 280mm x 230mm
Condition= Excellent.
Price = AUD$55 unless stating otherwise

'Henry Hutt Picture Book, American girls, lovers Published New York c.1908'


"The Bell Masqued".

'Henry Hutt Picture Book, American girls, lovers Published New York c.1908'


"The Moths and the Flame".

'Henry Hutt Picture Book, American girls, lovers Published New York c.1908'


"Returning with the Spoils".

'Henry Hutt Picture Book, American girls, lovers Published New York c.1908'


"Love and Learning".

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