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'geology, survey map, Australian national Grid, Canberra, 1953,

Canberra: New South Wales
4 Mile Geological Series Sheet 1 55-16

Compiled by the Bureau Mineral Resources, Geophysics Department of National Development. Topographic base complied by the National Mapping Section, Department of the Interior...complete vertical coverage at medium scale by the Royal Australian Airforce
Transverse Mercator Projection.
Geology by: M.D. Garetty, B.P. al
Compilrd by: G.A Joplin, L.C. Noakes and W.J.Perry
Drawn by H.F. Joechel.
Published May 1953
Size of Print =62cm x 88.5cm
Condition = good, folded 3 x 8 sections
Price = AUD $110


World, hemisphere, hemispheres, letts atlas,antique engraving, rare map, antique print gallery, 1882

"Eastern Hemisphere"& "Western Hemisphere"

Original colour printed process print for Lett's Popular Atlas including following information:
Population of the World (1880) by continent/region
Population and Area of the Greatest Empires of the World (1880)
Length of Rivers
Heights of Mountains, in Yards
Publishers Letts, Son & Co. Limited, London c.1882
Dimensions Hemsphere = 34mm in diameter
Condition = Separate maps, folds as expected, small tears on page edges, Very good
Price =AUD$350 as a pair

world, Mercator's Projecton, ocean currents, antique map gallery

“The World, on Mercator's Projection"

Original colour printed process print sith major ocean curents in depicted in blue.
Published London c.1890
Dimensions of image = 565mm x 460mm
Condition = mended tear in mid-right third, two tears on top edge, paper no evidence of age or foxing.
Price = AUD$110

world map, hemisphere, hemisphere, Cook, lord mulgrave, hogg, 1788, Rare map, antique map

The World in Section describing the Polar Regions to the Tropics with the Tracks of Lord Mulgrave and Captain Cook towards the North and South Poles and the Torrid Zone or Tropical Regions with the New Discoveries of the South Sea

Original copper-plate engraving by Alexander Hogg Who was a publisher and bookseller in Paternoster Row, London, between 1778 and 1824. He often celebrated the Explorers, Captian James Cook and Captain Constantine Phipps, later Lord Mulgrave, (1744-1792) . The Tracks of Captain Tobias Furneaux (1735-1781) are recorded as he captained the HMS Adventure on Cook's Second voyage (in HMS Resolution). Furneaux is the first man to circumnavigate the world North-South and East-West. Note that Botany Bay is noted on the east coast of Hew Holland as it had been discovered by Cook and Banks but as we now know the first convict colony was established at Port Jackson (as no fresh water at Botany). Although printed in the year of the first fleet, the news of final setlement had not returned to Britain as yet. Please see more prints and further explanation of period.
Published London c.1788
Dimensions of image = 245mm x 415mm
Condition = Very Good example of Fleur de Lis design watermarked Laid, partial original plate mark as was originally trimmed tightly on left and top edge at time of printing. In original conditon as issued in 1788 with no later hand colouring.
Price = AUD$425


Abraham Ortelius,Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Theatre of the World, Thietmarsiae Holsaticae Regionis Partis Typus, Germany, Heide, Elbe River, 1584, antique engraving, rare map, antique print gallery


Code: AO1 "Thietmarsiae, Holsaticae Regionis Partis Typus"

with Latin Description verso about Thietmarsia in Germany and Prussia. Shows the Elbe River in the lower left with Brunsbuttel. In the upper left is the mouth of the Eider River. On the right side is Heide.

Original copper plate engraving by Petro Boeckel for Abraham Orelius (1527-1598) and his Latin Edition of “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum” (Theatre of the World), considered the first modern atlas. Includes sea monsters, ornate cartouche, etc. Nice dark impression and wide margins. From the 1584 Latin edition published by Christopher Plantin in Antwerp. Abraham Ortelius's "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" (Theatre of the World) is considered the first true atlas in the modern sense: a collection of uniform map sheets and sustaining text bound to form a book for which copper printing plates were specifically engraved. The Ortelius atlas is sometimes referred to as the summary of sixteenth-century cartography. Many of his atlas's maps were based upon sources that no longer exist or are extremely rare. Ortelius appended a unique source list (the “Catalogus Auctorum”) identifying the names of contemporary cartographers, some of whom would otherwise have remained obscure. More than an original concept, the “Theatrum” was also the most authoritative and successful such work during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Because it was frequently revised to reflect new geographical and historical insights, contemporary scholars in western Europe praised the “Theatrum” highly for its accuracy, even as they embraced the atlas's concept. The “Theatrum” atlas first appeared in 1570 and continued to be published until 1612. Abraham Ortelius, maker of the “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”, is regarded as one of the most prominent geographers of the sixteenth century. Before the publication of the “Theatrum”, Ortelius was a respected student of classical history and a collector of books and old coins but had found only modest acclaim for his cartographic skills. Yet, he had made a living as a professional illuminator after 1554, illustrating hundreds of maps, and making at least six single- and multi-sheet maps of his own between 1564 and 1570. Still, it was the “Theatrum” that firmly established his reputation as a cartographer and made him a wealthy man.
Conservation Frame Presentation with traditional Fruitwood veneer decorative marquetry (inlaid)
Size of copper-plate image = 19.5cm x 30cm
Size of Conservation frame presentation (using Ultra Violet blocking glass and Cotton matboards) = 56cm x 45cm

The Geography of the Ancients

Original hand coloured copper plate engravings showing "The Geography of the Ancients so Far described as it contain'd in the Greek and Latin Classicks in the Maps of the Old World." "...and its several Kingdoms and Provinces: Wherein the chief places mentioned in Homer, Ovid, Lucan, Eutropius, Cornelius Nepos.. Herotodus, and many other ancient authors are describ'd."
Printed for Chistopher Browne, London, 1725
Size of images average = 175mm x 235mm
Condition = Laid Paper in excellent condition with a fold in the middle.
'The Seat of the Trojan War...', original copper engraving, 1725, Christopher Browne, rare map, antique map gallery

"'The Seat of the Trojan War According to Dictis Cretensis and Dares Phrygius'".

Condition = Good condition with slight deterioration in left lower corner.
Price=AUD$160 (includes GST).

'The Voyage of Aenaes...', original copper engraving, 1725, Christopher Browne, rare map, antique map gallery

"'The Voyage of Aenaes As described by Dionisius Halicarnasseus".

Condition = paper good colour with some thinning of paper on left.
Price=AUD$160 (includes GST)

The Voyage of Aenaes...', original copper engraving, 1725, Christopher Browne, rare map, antique map gallery

'The Voyage of Aenaes As described by Virgil'

Condition = Excellent Laid paper.
Price=AUD$160 (includes GST).

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"A Compleat Map of the East Indies.
Exhibiting the English Territorial Aquisitions"

Original copper-plate engraving by Samuel Dunn (1723-1794) Dunn was teaacher of mathematics, navigation and astronomy as well as an engraver and publisher in London. He was a member of the Commissioners for the Discovery of Logitiude at Sea and the Royal Society.He lived until his death at No 1 Boar's Head, Fleet Street London. Original copper-plate engraving with horiginal hand coloured outlines designating countries including Tibet, China, India, Siam, Malaysia, kingdoms that now make up Burma, Sumatra, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Borneo, Cambodia.
Dimensions of Plate mark = 460mm x 325mm
Condition = Excellent condition
Price =AUD$425

Indian Empire Industries and Communications, London geographical institute, George Philip & Son, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Burma, Siam, Malay Peninsula, Ceylon, Tibet, antique map gallery

“Indian Empire: Industries & Communications"

Original map displaying the Primary trade products of individual countries (eg Burma is noted as a source of Jade, Rubber, Teak, Cotton, Rice, Petroleum, Coal, Tobacco etc) and the distances to international trading ports.
cartography by George Philip & Son, Information sourced from The London Geographical Institute and Published by Amalgamated Press Limited, London c.1900
Dimensions of Plate mark = 482mm x 352mm
Condition = Very Good with expected folds evident
Price = AUD$88

Map of the Pacific, Map of Australasia, laguillermie, 1847

“Oceanie (Australia and the Pacific)"

Original copper-plate engraving by William Laguillermie after depicting the voyages of Dumont DÚrville in the vessel Astrolabe. Illustrations by Raimond Bonheur Peintre and mapmaker Victor Levasseur, engineer, geographer and cartographer. He is especially known for the National Atlas introducing the main colonial possessions of France. Produced Between 1838 and 1870 using various printing houses but often de Lemercier and the engraver William Laguillermie. Each map is illusrated using main characteristics of the region (trade, produce, climate, native life). n this case he notes the Voyage of Jules- Sebastien-Cesar Dumont d'Urville of the Astrolabe, 1826-29 He returned with such detailed recordsthat for the first time scattered island groups could be classified further into Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia. His portrait is depicted on the right hand side.
Published by de Lemercier, Paris c.1847 <
Dimensions of image = 285 mm x 415mm
Condition = Good with original colour outlines
Price = AUD$395

Map of the Pacific, Map of Australasia, leroy, L'Oceanie, Droiux, de Brehair, d'Eugene Bellin, Paris 1870

“Carte Physique et Politique de l'Oceanie"(Australia and the Pacific)"

Original steel engraving by Jenotte after "M.Mrs. Drioux" & Charles. Leroy with hand colouring depicting the French Dutch and Portuguese Colonies for French School Atlas Map of the South Pacific.
Published by Brehier for Librairie Classique d'Eugene Bellin Paris, c.1879. <
Dimensions of image = 295 mm x 430 mm
Condition = Good with original hand colour & outlines, a water stain along bottom edge that does not interfer with map
Price = AUD$165

Town Plan, Moscow, detailed steel engraving, 1832

“Moscow / Moskvy"(Town Plan, 1836)

Detailed steel engraved town plan with decorative vignettes ("Church of the Assumption in the Kremlin" & "View from Sparrow Hill, the Novo- Devitchei Monestery in the Foreground") with hand colouring. Engraved by B.R Davies after archtectural drawings by W.B. Clarke.
Published by Baldwin & Cradock under the Supervision of the Society for the Diffusion of Usseful Knowledge, c.1836. <
Dimensions of image = 360 mm x 335 mm
Condition = Good with original hand colour & outlines, small brown near Spire of vignette
Price = AUD$330


Born at Alkmaar in 1571 and dying in Amsterdam in 1638 Willem Blaeu had two sons,Joan & Cornelius. The achievements of the firm of Blaeu were remarkable with their work covering the whole range of Cosmography, Uranography, Hydrography, Chorography and Topology. The elder Blaeu, Willem, was a surveyor, globe-maker, and publisher. Up until 1817 he used his patronymic Janzsoon, signing his work Guilielmus Janssonius of Willem Janszoon. His later work is signed Guilielmus or G. Blaeu. “Apud” is translated as “author” or “creator”. He owed his development as a scientific cartographer to his stay with Tycho Brahe, the celebrated Danish Astronomer. Blaeu was a noted Cartographer and Publisher of repute. In 1630 he joined a consortium of publishers to in the publication of the Mercator-Hondius Atlas but first brought out an atlas of his own making. In 1635 he produced Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, sive Atlas Novus in quo Tabulæ et Descriptiones Omnium Regionum"(Theatre of the World, or a New Atlas of Maps and Representations of All Regions) with the verso text in Latin, Dutch German and French.
Published by Willem and Joan Blaeu Amsterdam c.1835

Willem Janzoon Blaeu, Hibernia Regum Vulgo Ireland, antique engraving, Amsterdam c.1635, rare map, antique map gallery

Hibernia Regum Vulgo Ireland

Original copper-plate engraving by Willem Blaeu (1571-1638) shows the Emerald Isle in extraordinary detail, including towns, lakes, mountains, rivers, castles, woods, islands, etc. Embellished with a large decorative coat of arms, decorative title cartouche including the Irish Harp, and scale in Irish miles supported by 2 cherubs, with Blaeu’s signature prominently engraved in the lower left as Guiljelmum Blaeu
Dimensions of Plate mark = 500mm x 390mm
Condition = Excellent condition
Price =POA

Willem Janzoon Blaeu, “Comitatus Marchia et Ravensberg (County of Mark and Ravensburg),rare map, antique map gallery

“Comitatus Marchia et Ravensberg”(County of Mark and Ravensburg)

Original copperplate engraving by Willem Blaeu with inset of Ravensburg, decorative title cartouche, and scale cartouche with surveyor. From"Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, sive Atlas Novus in quo Tabulæ et Descriptiones Omnium Regionum" (Theatre of the World, or a New Atlas of Maps and Representations of All Regions), Edited by Willem and Joan Blaeu, Amsterdam c.1635
Dimensions of Plate mark = 500 mm x 390mm
Condition = Very Good with expected folds evident

'India,from authorities pricipally for the use of the officers of the army of India, 1835

"'India, From Authorities Principally for the use of the Officers of the Army of India'".

Original copper-plate engraving by J. Dower
Published by Henry Teasdale & Co., London c.1835
The Table in bottom right shows British possessions and areas administrated by local Rajahs under overall British control. In this period before the India Mutiny of 1852, British economic and military interests in India, were adminsirtated by the Honourable East India Company which maintianed an officer corps separate to theat of the British Army proper and commanded a substatial army includiing European , but mostly native troops.
Size of image = 64.5cm x 44.5cm
Condition = On Wove paper with slight soiling in key (bottom right) and just left of Ceylon. Such large maps were traditionally folded and this one has two folds.

'Australian Colonies and New Zealand',rare map, antique map gallery,antique map, Gall& Inglis, Edinburgh, c.1851

'Australian Colonies and New Zealand'

Rare and unusal original copperplate engraving with original hand colouring. Features the Australian colonies (New South Wales, Van Dieman's Land, South Australia, Western Australia, , Australia Felix -instead of Victoria) & New Zealand. Prominant Reference to the Gold fields of New South Wales and Victoria are noted in yellow.
Published Gall & Inglis, Edinburgh c.1851
Size of printed area = 61cm x 50cm
Condition = Slight soiling on edges only and a small area of surface damage in bottom right corner.
Price = AUD$645(includes GST).

'The Isle of Man', Britain, original copper engraving c.1853, rare map, antique map gallery

"'The Isle of Man'".

Original copper-plate engraving By John and Charles Walker for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge published in London in 1853
Condition = Excellent.
Price=AUD$165 (includes GST).

'Watershed map of England and Wales, Isle of Man', original copper engraving c.1885, rare map, antique map gallery

"'Watershed map of England and Wales- Isle of Man'".

Original colour-printed engraving for the Lett's Popular Atlas, London, c.1885
Condition = Excellent. Has original centre fold.

Town Plans

Original colour-printed engravings showing detailed plan of respective cities. They highlight Public and Notable buildings of that period, public transport such us Trainlines,Tram Cars etc. Published by Letts, Son & Co.Limited, London c.1885
The Gallery has more city plans in the collection so please contact us for availabilty.
Size of images average = 39 cm x 34 cm
Condition = Paper in excellent condition with a fold in the middle.
street plan of new york, south, rare map, antique map gallery, 1885

"New York(south)".
Original print is an overview of the southern portion of New York, from 41st Street and the Crystal Palace to Battery Point, Hudson and East Rivers with Jersey at the top of the map and City of Brookyln (and Brooklyn Bridge), Navy Yard and Cob Dock, Williamsburg, Green River,
Key in top left corner noting 70 points of interest.
Scale = 3 inches to the mile.

street plan of new york, south', Original engraving c.1885

'New York (north)'
Original print is an overview of the northern portion of New York, from West 42nd Street to 136th Street, with Central Park, Bloomingdale, Mannhattanville, Harlem Bridge goning acrosss to Morrisania. The islands of Blackwell's, Ward's, Randall's Land and Sunken Meadow down to Long Islandwith Ravenswood Astoria Park.
Key in bottom right corner noting 12 points of interest.
Scale = 3 inches to the mile
>Price=AUD$210. Sold

City of Philadephia street plan, rare map, antique map gallery, Original engraving c.1885

'City of Philadelphia'
Original print is an overview of the the city, from West Philadephia, the Schuylkill River to the Delaware River Public Buildings are Red and numbered.
Key in bottom right corner noting 96 points of interest.
Scale = 3 1/4 inches to the mile

Quality Limited Edition Facsimile of a 1644 Dutch Map of Australia

"A Complete map of the Southern Continent. Survey’d by Capt. Abel Tasman & depicted by order of the East India Company in Holland in the Stadt House at Amsterdam...."

A Quality Limited Edition on Conservation cotton paper. The original was an important map engraved by Emanuel Bowen which was published in London between 1744 & 1748
This is Number 4/300
This map was powerful when translated because of its content (shows north, west and south coasts of Australia and parts of New Zealand discovered or sighted by Tasman’s 1642-44 voyage), mercantile-colonial message (suggesting that colonization will confer boundless riches to whom ever settles it) and that it made information about Dutch discoveries on the Australian coast prior to 1650 freely available in Britain (although retaining names in Dutch). Its source was 80 years old, but it is the first map printed in Britain solely devoted to Australia and New Guinea and accompanied with English text describing the voyages that shaped it. Thi British Admiralty began to take action that resulted in Captain Cook's three voyages to the South Pole and the Pacific...
Issued with numbered certification.
Image Size= 38cm x 48cm.
Price AU$185
See our selection of Archival Limited Edition Maps

'Canberra,design by Walter Burley Griffin' drawn and produced by the National Mapping Office, N.S.W., 1953

Design by Walter Burley Griffin"

Original colour printed Town Plan. Compiled by the National Mapping Office, NSW
Drawn & reproduced by the NMO, May, 1953
Size of printed image = 34cm x 34.5cm

Condition = Is an original 1953 folded map, good clean print. Due to limitations with scan-size this image shows the main body of the our capital, but the map continues right to Queanbeyan Ave., South to Jerrabomberra Valley Ave., and East past Yarralumla Homstead.
Other maps of Canberra in the same series include two Geological maps(62cm x 85cm), Topographical Map of the Australian Capital Territory (42cm x 31cm), Vegitation Map of the A.C.T. (20.5cm x 32cm)

'alt= "


Original hand coloured steel engraving drawn and engraved by J.Archer.
Condition= Excellent. Has original plate-mark, middle fold.
Printed for Thomas Dugdale's England & Wales Delineated, c.1830
Image Size= 176mm x 235mm.
Price AUD$55

county map of kent, England, Dugdale's England & Wales Delineated, c.1843, rare map, antique map gallery,


Original hand coloured steel engraving drawn and engraved by J.Archer.
Condition= Excellent. Has original plate-mark, middle fold.
Printed for Thomas Dugdale's England & Wales Delineated, c.1843
Image Size= 176mm x 235mm.
Price AU$50
Other Counties in this orientation (ie. Landscape): Kent, Cornwall, Cheshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire,Northhamptonshre, Norfolk, Middlesex, Yorkshire, Worcestershire, Westmoreland, Sussex, Leicestershire,Dorsetshire, Durham, Essex, Surrey, Devonshire.

Cambridgeshire, UK


Original hand coloured copper-plate engraving by Sutton Nicholls (engraver, draughtsman & publisher 1687-1740) This map was engraved for Robert Morden's Brittania. This significant issue of British Counties was originally published in 1607. In 1695 a new Edition was put together by Morden with a historical essay by Bishop Edmund Gibson. Morden changed the format and geographical detail was improved, not by his own surveys: he purchased whatever reliable information he could find and then sent manuscipts to people in the various counties whom he considered qualified to make additions and corrections. New surveys had not been acheived since John Speed in the earier part of the century.
Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill c.1695
image size= 35.5cm x 42.5cm
Condition = Plate mark is intact and close to image size. Waterstain in top left hand-corner and three small repaired edge-tears.
Price= AU$395

map of the County of Darbyshire, Robert Morden c.1695, rare map, antique map gallery


Original hand coloured copper-plate engraving on Laid paper by Robert Morden (flourished 1668-1703), for Camden's Britannia
"Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill" c.1695
Image Size = 41.5cm x 36cm
Condition = Original fold in the middle of map, with dark discolouration in top left hand corner.
Price= AU$265

'Ireland', John Tallis & Co, 1851-54


Original steel engraving (in excellent condition) drawn and engraved by John Rapkin for John Tallis & Co. with vignettes of Saint Patrick'-Dublin, Round Tower- Wicklow, Limerick Castle, The Holy Well, Rock Castle-Lake of Killarney, hand coloured.
Published between c.1850
Size= 35cm x 25cm
Price= AU$395 (Includes GST)
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