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William Matthew Hart (1830-1908)

William Hart had a predilection for intense colours, an attribute that would have pleased the Ornithologist and entrepreneur, John Gould Commencing work for Gould in the summer of 1851, Hart made the patterns (master illustrations to be copied by the colouring workshop) for the humming birds and coloured the metallic parts of the plates. John Gould life was a happy one as he adored his work along with the fame and respectability it brought him. How happy Gould made others is more questionable. His wife Elizabeth Coxen and children understood and forgave him his obsession; colleagues sided passionately for or against him. Despite that Gould’s workshop was unerringly loyal. From taxidermists, draughtsmen, lithographic printers, colourists, artists. The secret ingredient that bonded the famous firm of Gould & Co. was no so much the director’s charisma but the reliability of his pockets as he was a consummate entrepreneur. His life was ruled by the concept-
“You should never spend fifteen shillings until you have got a sovereign” .
Gould was rarely generous to his colleagues unless it was expedient to do so; but he was paternalistic in his provision for members and staff’s families if they were sick. On his own death John Gould bequeathed sums to all his employees; to William Hart ‘to my artist {blank} Hart’ , whose initial after 40 years was still unknown to him, ‘who has a large family I give the legacy of 100 Pounds’
Following Gould's death in 1881, Hart was employed by Dr R Bowdler-Sharpe to complete Gould's work on “The Birds of New Guinea”. Hart's best work was on the Birds of Paradise in “The Birds of New Guinea” - their bright colours suiting his tendency to over colour.

Original hand coloured lithographs by William Matthew Hart & John Gould
Published London 1875-1888
Condition = Excellent
Page Size =37cm x55cm
AUD$ Prices as Marked

John Gould

JGNG1. Scientific Name"Rectes Ceriniventris".
Common Name"Fawn-breasted Wood-Shrike"
With Original text

John Gould, Birds of New Guinea, published London c.1875-1888

JGNG2. Scientific Name
"Eupetes caerulescens"
Common Name
"Blue Bodies Eupetes"
With Original text

John Gould

JGNG3. Scientific Name
"Pomarea rufocastanea"
Common Name
"Rufus-and-Chestnut Flycatcher"

John Gould

JGNG5. Scientific Name"Manucodia comrii"
Common Name"Curl-crested Manucode"

AUD $1100

John Gould

JGNG^2. Scientific Name"Calliechthrus leucolophus".
Common Name"White-Crowned Black Cuckoo"
With Original text

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