“Oceanie (Australia and the Pacific)"

Original copper-plate engraving by William Laguillermie after depicting the voyages of Dumont DÚrville in the vessel Astrolabe. Illustrations by Raimond Bonheur Peintre and mapmaker Victor Levasseur, engineer, geographer and cartographer. He is especially known for the National Atlas introducing the main colonial possessions of France. Produced Between 1838 and 1870 using various printing houses but often de Lemercier and the engraver William Laguillermie. Each map is illusrated using main characteristics of the region (trade, produce, climate, native life). n this case he notes the Voyage of Jules-Sebastien-Cesar Dumont d'Urville of the Astrolabe, 1826-29 He returned with such detailed recordsthat for the first time scattered island groups could be classified further into Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia. His portrait is depicted on the right hand side.
Published by de Lemercier, Paris c.1838-70 <
Dimensions of image = 285 mm x 415mm
Condition = Good with original colour outlines
Price = AUD$395