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Mail Steamer Off Glenelg (Holdfast Shore, South Australia)

The "Tyranny of Distance" was appropriate for passengers from the northern hemisphere, but also sending letters: news from home would only arrive on large passenger steamers would call at the colonies with smaller vessels going out to retreive mail, newspapers, subscriptions, along with passengers, until the opening of the telegraph in 1872. The SS (Screw Steamship) Admella was built in 1857 and visited Adelaide, Melbourne and Launceston, hence the name. It was fastest and most luxurious steamship of its time. On Aug 5,1859 she struck Carpenter Rocks south west of Mount Gambier. It was the greatest loss of life in the Colonies maritime history with only 24 of the 113 on board being saved.
History of SS ADMELLA
Original wood engraving after F.B.Schnell. Hand coloured.
Published Melbourne, c.1886
Size of image 180mm x 115mm
Condition = excellent
Price in Mat presentation as seen here $75

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