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In 1896 the recently (2011) demised London Newspaper, News of the World, was a respectable newspaper and printer.To celebrate the installation of the latest printing technology of Photogravuring (the printing fo photographic images directly onto paper) they issued a collection of renown crickers of the Victorian era. Many of those depicted were included in the 1882 Kennington Oval match in London whose outcome gave rise to the legend of the Ashes , both Australian and English.
Original photogravures pubished by News of the World Newspaper aftereither R.w. Thomas(Cheapside, London) or E. Hawkins and Co Photographers (Brighton), London c.1896
Story of Lord Hawke, First Class Cricket, 1903 and the Sturt Cricket Club (Unley Oval),..
Size of image only approximately = 18cm x 25cm, often with printed signature and reason for inclusion printed underneath.
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'George Giffen H2


"George Giffen, South Australian cricketer

Without a doubt, the best all-rounder in Australia, it is a question whether Geoge Giffen has at the present time an equal if the world of cricket...
 Australian Captain, William Bruce, Batsman, cricketer, London 1896


"William Bruce", Victorian cricketer

For Grace and elegance of style it would be difficult to name a batsman the superior of ...(this) Australian Cricketer...
Condition = Excellent in conservation mat presentation.
'C.B.T. Turner, Australian cricketer, bowler, all-rounder


C.T.B Turner New South Wales Cricket known as "The Terror"

If Spofforth was known to Australians as "The Demon Bowler",C.B.T.Turner, one of his successors in the representation of New South Wales, has his own special sobriquet of "The Terror"...a bowler.
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F.R.Spofforth,The Demon Bowler, Australian Cricketer

The Demon Bowler, to give him the title by which he was known to Australians when in his Zenith of his cricket fame...
'Harry Trott, Australian cricketer, bowler, all-rounder


G.S.H.Harry Trott Australian Cricketer

The Last few Australain Teams have found in H.T. one of quite their best all-rounder Cricketers...
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 Australian, New South Wales, Garrett, all-rounder, cricketer, London 1896


T.W.Garrett, N.S.W. cricketer

...a member of the first Australian of the best all-round cricketers in New South Wales...a thorough sportsman...
'C.B.T. Turner, Australian cricketer, bowler, all-rounder


Lord Hawke, Yorkshire Eleven Captain

Eton, Cambridge University, and Yorkshire, such is Lord Hawke's pedigree in Cricket...Is a leader of men in Cricket matters, and an upholder of the best traditions of the game...
Condition = Excellent. In conservation mat presention.
Story of Lord Hawke, First Class Cricket, 1903 and the Sturt Cricket Club (Unley Oval),..
'Yorkshire Eleven, Lord Hawke (captain), English County cricket


"Yorkshire" English County Cricket

At this time a tradition had been established throughout English Cricket that captains should always be amateurs, of which Lord Hawke was indeed from a priveleged background (he was Yorkshire Captain in 1883), while professionals were mainly from the working classes. Then in 1927 a captaincy debate arose: although Lord Hawke had supported this position solidly in 1925 a few years later threw his support behind a professional player, Wilfred Rhodes. it is rederred to as the Yorkshire Captaincy Affair of 1927
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 H.G.Owen, Essex, batsman, cricketer, London 1896


H.G.Owen, Captain Essex Eleven

...Essex had in him one of its most loyal and keenest supporters....a batsman of mature judgement.
'C.Smith, Lancaster wicket-keeper, cricketer, 1896


"C.Smith, Lancaster Wicket-Keeper

Nor were his only successes as a stumper. As a batsman, he was of use on more than one occasion....he takes fast bowling as well as slow...
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Among our selection on this topic we have Soccer, Rugby, Billiards, Card games, Tennis, Lacross, Cricket, Archery, Rowing and more.