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Henry Thomas Alken 1785-1851

Sporting artist, engraver and illustrator. Born in London in 1785 into a family that became celebrated for its sporting artists and engravers and became the pupil of his father Samuel Alken. He is said to have worked as a trainer for the Duke of Beaumont, before studying under J.T. Barber Beaumont, the miniaturist, and he exhibited miniatures at the Royal Academy in 1801-1802. In 1809 he married Maria Gordon in Ipswich and lived in Suffolk.He moved to Melton Mowbray in 1810 to train horses and eke out a livelihood in decorating trays with hunting scenes. His success really began in 1813 when he began issuing prints under the name ‘Ben Tally Ho’. Alken’s illustrations are lively and very colourful and are closer to the 18th century caricature than the 18th century sporting print. His experience of horses, hunting and racing accounts for Henry’s ( and Samuel Jnr’s) being most attentive and accurate observers of horses and the sports with which they served. From this time onwards Henry produced a stream of paintings, drawings and engravings of every type of field and other sporting activities. He is best remembered for his hunting prints , many of which he engraved himself until the late 1830’s. A procession of publishers engaged him until that time.
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Henry Alken Fox Hunting Set

Original hand coloured litographs drawn and and executed by Henry Thomas Alken (1785-1851) :
Plate 1 Going to Clover—A neat Clover Hack - one that can go straight
Plate 2 Flying a Difficulty—A sweep at the new enclosure
Plate 3 Going Down a Difficulty-Getting over a high Wattle fence– ditch on both sides
Plate 4 Going Over a Difficulty - Sweeping a Brook
Plate 5 Going Through a Difficulty—Charging a Park Fence
Plate 6 Hop-ing a Difficulty—Bucking a flight of Ox rails
John Thallon (1848 – 1918): Master Carver and Gilder from Scotland moved to Australia in 1876. He established his business in 1878 at 24 Market Lane (off Bourke Street), Melbourne. From the 1880s until well into the twentieth century, the long-lived firm of Thallon's was the undisputed market-leader, patronized by many of the artists of Heidelberg School. “Thallon framed Shearing the Rams, among others paintings by Tom Roberts... paintings are often valued without their frames, except if the frame is of historical value”. John Payne Senior Conservator of NGV, Melbourne.
Antiquarian Print Gallery(1989- ) : The Original hand coloured lithographs both designed and executed by Henry Alken, are a set of six that have been has fitted museum presentation materials and Conservation glass to protect the original hand coloured aquatints while maintaining provenance through patina etc.
Size Original maple Birdseye Frame Presentation 57cm x 44cm each. Two of the frames are a slightly different profile but seem all look to have been framed at the same time. Veneers have usual time-worn splintering of veneer at the mitres but are in good original condition.
Condition of Original hand coloured lithographs as framed by John Thallon: in 1883 wood pulp had become the default paper source as a consequence of the dominance of the Steamers taking over from the wind powered tallship ( given the linen/hemp sails and ropes were a primary resource of the paper industry). Thallon's workshop had access to this new material called "cardboard" and utilized it to secure the Alken prints. Given the presentations have been stored for many decades they have not surcumbed to the acid produced by aging lignin prevelant in wood pulp, as we now are aware. By applying the conservation quality materials this original condition can be preserved and protected, which the Gallery has done using TruVue UV blocking glass and Cotton Museum solid core presentation materials.

R.Ackermann's Steeple Scraps (set of four)

Original hand coloured aquatint engravings by John Harris (1811-1865) after Henry Alken (1785-1851)
Published by Rudolph Ackermann,at his Eclipse Sporting & Military Gallery, London 20 February 1850
Size of Plate mark 252mm x 155mm
Condition = All have plate distinct marks. Faint signs of foxing outside plate.
Price for set = AUD$275

'Ackermann's steeple chase scraps'-Getting away-now for the front, original aquatint, 1850

1) Getting away-Now for the front

'Ackermann's steeple chase scraps'-The Brook, original aquatint, 1850

2)"The Brook"
'Clearing the Brook, Now for the Stone Wall'

'Ackermann's steeple chase scraps'-The Stone Wall and the Double Fence, original aquatint, 1850

3)"The Stone Wall and the Double Fence"

'Ackermann's steeple chase scraps'-The Last Struggle, original aquatint, 1850

4)"The Last Struggle"

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Among our selection on this topic we have Soccer, Rugby, Billiards, Card games, Tennis, Lacross, Cricket, Archery, Rowing and more.