"King William Street, From Victoria Square" (Adelaide, South Australia)

Original wood engraving by P. Schellinger after W.C. Fitler (1857-1915).
Fitler was an American artist who visited Australia to work on a series of engavings to celebrate 100 years of British settlement in the Antipodes. (First Fleet arrived in Port Jackson, New SOuth Wales, in 1788) Here is the GPO is the tall building to the wile the Town Hall is further down on the right.
Question: "Why, in a grid steet plan like Adelaide, are the names either side of King William Street different? Why not just carry the name through from East to West?
Answer: No one NAME could CROSS the King, thereby symbolic of vanquishing the Monarch of England. Very bad form for a "Paradise of Dissent" with the tagline "a slice of London in the Antipodies"!
Published Melbourne, c.1886 .
Size of image 232mm x 155mm
Condition = Good, hand coloured
Price AUD$165

LOUIS HENN & Co,"( Colonial Lithographer and Artist 1882-1884)
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