In Action Against the Enemy in the Air: Fighting Raiders in a Village behind the Front

"In a war-zone which has seen as many as nineteen air-fights in a day! British anti-aircraft quick-fires on armoured cars shelling taubes

Original gravure drawn for the Illustrated London News drawn by A.C.Michael (fl 1903-1916), from a sketch by an Officer present in the actions in 1915.
Michael was a painter and etcher who worked from his studio in Bedford Park, London. His chalky, realistic style lent itself admirably to action scenes from the front, these being popular with the public during Word War One. Note the aircrft in the distance, the shells loosely balanced on the armoured car , and the French farmers attempting to plough a field with spooked horses in the centre of the composition.
Published The London Illustrated News, London, 1916
Size of image = 51cm x 29cm
Condition = fold in centre
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