World War One, Great War, Allied soldiers, Artillary, horses,original gravure, 
1917, Richard Caton Woodville, Flanders, france, Western front, trenches WWI5

"Fighting the Mud: An Unhealthy Spot in a Sea of Clay and Water in Flanders"

"Digging out an artillary horse: a halt in an advance over one of the 'roads'on the Western Front"

Original gravure drawn for the Illustrated London News drawn by Richard Caton Woodville (1856-1927), Woodville was a famous military artist ad illustrator, rought up in St. Petersburg, Hhe lived in Paris before settling in Lonodn in 1875.He was a Special Artist for the Illustrated London News covering the Turkish War (1878), Egyptian War (1882), and events in Albania and the Balkans. Woodville's war drawings were accurate nad highly finished, if at times romanticised.
Size of image = 51cm x 30cm
Condition = fold in centre
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