The Historic Meeting of Nicholas Baudin and Matthew Flinders

In April 1802 two great voyages of exploration met in, what was to be called, "Encounter Bay" on the South Australian coastline. The French captain was Nicholas Baudin and the English Captain was Matthew Flinders.

In April 2002 South Australia celebrated the bicentenary of that meeting.

The Antiquarian Print Gallery is celebrating the bicentenary of this historic ‘Encounter’ by are issuing a Quality Limited Edition taken from our collection of original French cartography published in the atlas "Historique...", 1811: the record of charts and maps by Baudin’s cartographer, Louis de Freycinet. These maps represent the first unveiling of the South Australian coastline, previously recorded as the mysterious "Unknown Coast".

By reading the fascinating historical work, Ill-Starred Captains by Anthony Brown and published by Crawford House, you will discover the trials and tribulations entailed in bringing this image to the "Known World". Another excellent reference is The French Reconnaisance by Frank Horner,1987.

If you have ever wondered at the French and English place names that dot our coast these maps are from where we begin to realize their origins. Due to the belated publication of Flinder’s "Voyage to Terre Australis" in 1814 , a second edition of the Historique... atlas in 1824 correctly replaced many French place-names with those originally charted by Flinder’s .

* This is a unique opportunity.*