G.S.H."Harry" Trott, Australian Cricketer

"Under the Multiplicity of initials it might be difficult for some to recognise in G.H.S Trott, the Australian cricketer, who is mostly known in England as well as the Colonies as 'Harry' Trott. The last few Australian Teams have found in H.T. one of quite their best all-round Cricketers. But more than that, with possibly one great exception, Australia has of late years had perhaps only one better player at all points. With hardly a superior at point, Harry Trott has been one of the most useful bowlers Victoria has had, as well as one of the most effective batsmen in Australia. A slow bowler with a big break from leg, he is, when on the spot, particularly deadly....he has been in fact one of the most reliable and consistant batsmen of the later Australian Teams."
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Condition = Excellent.
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