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After Albrecht Durer, The Young Hare, T & R Annan & Son, Easter

Albrecht Dürer 1471-1528

A German painter, engraver, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist from Nuremberg. His high-quality woodcuts (nowadays often called Meisterstiche or "master prints") established his reputation and influence across Europe when he was still in his twenties, and he has been conventionally regarded as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance ever since. His vast body of work includes altarpieces and religious works, numerous portraits and self-portraits, and copper engravings. Young Hare, is a 1502 watercolour and bodycolour painting by German artist Albrecht Dürer. Painted in 1502 in his workshop, it is acknowledged as a masterpiece of observational art.
The label on the rear indentifies the print was sold by T & R Annan & Sons, 518 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.
Thomas Annan

Size of image (plate mark)= 22cm x 24cm
The frame is decorated with embossed Victorian Era Steamed pressed leaf design.
Conservation Mat presentation utilizing 8ply thick cotton matboards, beaded timber and gold mat fillet and UV blocking glass.
Completed size 46cm x 50cm


STOP THE PRESS...Albrecht Durer young artist, master printmaker, mathematician, theorist from Nurembourg paints YOUNG HARE in 1502...

'British, poultry, white dorking, chickens, antique, farming, rural, livestock, chromolithograph

Code: DH001


Miss Fairhurst's Pair of White Dorkings

Now on the endearing topic of chickens I present the White Dorking, unique as a breed that has FIVE toes. It apparantly originated in Italy and was introduced to Britain during the Roman Conquest after AD 43. It is named after the Market Town of Dorking in Surrey which in the 19th century was a major production centre. They appeared in the first British Poultry Show of 1845.
Original chromolithograph (Colour inks on Bavarian Limestone Blocks) by Lewis Wright 91838-1905) after J.W.Ludlow.
Published Vincent Brooke Day & Sons, London c.1875
Size of image = 20 cm x 25 cm
Condition = excellent
Price in Solid Pine Frame presentation as seen here size 49.5 cm x 42.5 cm = AUD $310


"Cassell's Poultry Book"
A folio of British Roosters, Hens and Other fowl. This collection is often considered to be the most famous of illustrated ornithology featuring domestic birds of the Victorian era. The illustrations were done by J.W.Ludlow, an ornithological artist who specialised in the domestic varities.His illustrations are regarded as classics today.
Original Chromolithographs after J.W.Ludlow Published London c.1880 **More Available on enquiry**
Condition = Fair
Approx Size = 20 cm x 25 cm
AUD$120 unless stated otherwise.
Cassell's Poultry book, Dark Brahma Pullet, Chicken breeds, published London c.1875

PL5. "Mr. L.Wright's Dark Brahma Pullet "Psyche" First Prize at Birminghm, 1871".

Cassell's Poultry book, malays poultry, Chicken breeds, published London c.1875

PL6. "The Rev.d A.G. Brooke's Pair of Malays
First Prize at Crystal Palace & Birmingham 1871 & Dublin, 1872"

Cassell's Poultry book, Brown-Breasted Red Game, Chicken breeds, published London c.1875

PL7. "Brown-Breasted Red Game"
'Çock 1st at Barrow, 1871: Hen, 1st at Birmingham & Manchester, 1870 with upwards of dozen Silver Cups at various places"

Cassell's Poultry book,Brown Leghorns, Chicken breeds, published London c.1875

PL8 "Brown Leghorns"
From a pair sent over specially for portraiture by Mr. A.M. Halsted of Rye, New York"

Cassell's Poultry book,Partrige Cochin Hen, Chicken breeds, published London c.1875

PL8 "Mr. E. Tudman's Partridge Cochin Hen "Titania"
First Prize at Birmingham in 1870 and 1871"

Going to the Moors (Fores Sporting Traps)

No.CS1 "Going to the Moors(Fores Sporting Traps"

Original copper aquatint engraving by John Harris (1811-1865), after Charles Cooper Henderson. Hand coloured.
Published by Messrs. Fores & Co., London, 1847.
Size of image= 45cm x 67.5cm

Condition = Print in very good condition. Has been previously laid down to stiff backing so overall matboard presentation is 99cm x 80cm

Christmas-tide on he road

CS2. "Christmas-tide on the Road"

Original Kroheim colour printed process.In 1850 Joseph Kronheim acquired a license to operate the Baxter process.
Published Kronheim & Co.for the magazine The Liesure hour, London, Dec 1, 1868.
Size of image= 15cm x 23cm

Condition = Very Good.
Price AUS$40

'Stage Coach (The Brighton Comet)'Original Aquatint engraving by Matthe Dubourg after James Pollard,London c.1865

CS3 'Stage Coach (The Brighton Comet)'

Original copper aquatint engraving by Matthew Dubourg after James Pollard (1765-1867), hand coloured
Published London c.1865
Size from the plate mark = 44.5cm x 37cm
Condition = Excellent condition. Comes in it'soriginal Birds-eye Maple veneer frame and frame fillet which is 62cm x 55cm in dimension
Price = AU$1810

No.DA1 "Long-horned Bull/Short-horned Bull"

Original copper plate engraving by Andrew Wilson (1780-1848), after J. Howe. Hand coloured.
Published A. Constable & Son, London, 1815.
Size of image= 18cm x 25.5cm

Condition = Has a discolouration of paper which does not interfer with illustration.
Price AU$95

DA 2. "Merino Ram,Merino Ewe"

Original copper plate engraving by Thomas Milton (1743-1827), after Berrenger. Hand coloured.
Published A. Constable & Son, London, 1815.
Size of image= 18cm x 25.5cm

Condition = Has a discolouration of paper which does not interfer with illustration.
Price AU$95

'Blue Gown'Original engraving,hand coloured,c.1880

"Blue Gown"
Winner of the Derby Stakes, Epsom & the Gold Cup at Ascot 1868.

Original copper engraving, hand coloured
Published London c.1880

Size = 22cm x 16cm
Condition = Two scuff marks in the title area.
Price = AU$95 (includes 10% GST )

Gathering of dog varieties around a canine busker, original colour-printed wood engraving c.1889

"A Popular Professional"

Original colour-printed wood engraving.
Published London c.1889 Mat presentation has a cut-out title and a gold line.
Size= 32cm x 38cm
Image size = 21.5cm x 14.5cm
Condition = Excellent

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