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There are many benefits in framing many types of items by themselves or as a collection of memorabilia:
~creating a DECORATIVE display
~the PRESERVATION of sentimental & historical records of past generations
~and current endeavours that will become the HISTORICAL TREASURES for future generations.

The ANTIQUARIAN PRINT GALLERY (APG) is a proud member of PICTURE FRAMERS GUILD OF AUSTRALIA , a Guild of AUSTRALIAN Picture Framers "committed to upholding and promoting the Guild's professional framing standards".

Sandra Ker, one of the founding family members of the Antiquarian Print Gallery, has been the PFGSA/PFGA (2007) President 2006/07,2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10.

Both Contemprary Art & Antiques have the potential for excellent long and short term investment returns.
A major feature of value is that these items be in GOOD/EXCELLENT original condition.
Consequently the Custom Art Framing Industry has a solemn responsibility to utilize the latest scientific knowledge and technology to prevent:
*ACIDIFCATION from lignin in wood pulp presentations that have an aspirin effect on the artworks not noticed if put away as part of Superannuation Schemes.
*MOULD growth incouraged by acidification, damp & un-ventilated storage locations.
*FADING from UV light when displayed inappropriately or without conservation/Museum glass now available in the market place.

APG's policy is to offer the best materials and knowledge of the 21st century, including the VIRTUAL FRAMING CONVENIENCE of VISUALISATION. Whether our clients wish to frame
*One of the many Genuine Antique Prints or Quality Limited Edition Giclees at the APG
*Precious family heirlooms
*Family photographic opportunities
*Textiles eg. Cross-stitches, embroidery, quilting...
*Valuable, irreplaceable documents like University degrees...
The APG can offer the delights of living in the present while preserving the the past, making the framing experience enjoyable & rewarding.

CONSERVATION FRAMING is about preserving as well as displaying items of paper, textiles, medals, button collections, sporting achievements... the list is endless. Here are a few recent offerings:

Why Conservation framing? Some examples... Please CONTACT US to send us any enquiries you may have. HOME Page

object frame presentation, leonardo da vinci, the last supper

FP1. An example of how to preserve and display precious historical mementos: wonderful example of the type of artworks produced with for the Grand Tourist that began in the 1660's to the advent of large scale rail transit in the 1840's. The tour beccome a generational "Rite of Passage". This is a Silver relief of "Ultima Cena", aka The Last Supper, purchased in the Naples stage of the itinary. Here it is framed with the additional of a beaded fillet.

object frame presentation,Indian Textile, shadow box

TP1. An example of how to preserve and display precious mementos from an exotic holiday and use as home decor. Ultra Violet blocking glass to protect

Deep rebated ornate gold frame, Greek Ortodox icon

RFP2. One of a pair that are being donated to a newly established Greek Orthodox church.

object frame presentation, Madonna and Child

FP1. An example of how to preserve and display precious mementos: Ultra Violet blocking glass to protect this enamel and silver engraved box from Monmartre, Paris. The ebony velvet background employed not only to to protect but decoratively project what was previously a small palm-sized precious object.

antique chromolithograph retro framed with personal items for leaving gift

RFP1. An example of how original presentations can be "RETRO-FITTED" with Personal items for a retiring midwife after years dedicated service:

Morning of Life

With a gatheing of a suitable antique print and Queen Victoria Hospital insignia plus long service badges we fashioned this unique retirement gift for the lovely Irene who had a leaving party today. Many Mums and their Bubs have alot to thank the dedicated nurses who work so tirelessly. From all of us we wish Irene wonderful things after such an innings!

police, South Australian, object framing, memoribilia, medal, egend, hero

MP1. Example of how to honour a loved one's career: Sergeant Percival George Smith served as a respected Mounted Policeman from 1946 to 1986.Here we see him as a young cadet aged 18 through to the acceptance of his Exemplary Service Medal in 1969 to his National Service Medal in 1983. His patches and Badges together with his left and right spurs were treasured in a box and we remember him with this very handsome memorial protected by anti reflection Museum Glass.
The Postcard is shows the Barracks in 1900 on North Terrace, Adelaide, that survive today hidden by the Museum of South Austalia but not forgotton.

Collection of decorative Georgian bookmarks conservation framing

FP1. Here we have a precious collection of Georgian bookmarks, evidence of a lifetime of travel. Ultra Violet blocking glass to protect the items and also the ebony fabric background employed to project the decorative items.

Display of Roman Empire relics

FP2. This display represents the relics of a Roman Empire archeological dig site with Ultra Violet blocking glass and a black velvet fabric backing to enhance the items.

Cellar display of corkscrew plus corks

FP3. In the AGE OF THE STELVIN CAP the humble cork has become an endangered item as has it's companion the CORKSCREW

three dimensional object display glasss box and wooden plithe

FP4 "Glass-Case Display"
This display was a solution to keep all items together while enabling the owner to view all the elements while enjoying the protection of laminated conservation glass. With such antique items as this miniature globe, the original box and condition is integral to the accruing value. The owner has the added tactile ability to change the viewing feature on the globe with the aid of cotton gloves. Please right click on image to detail the said box display detail.

case display

FP5 "Glass-Case Display"
This implement was made by the owner's ancestoral factory in Birmingham.
Ideal for display on a shelf in the study, on a desk, or on a pedastool to be seen "in the round"

FP6. "Golfing Memories"
Golf Golden memorys on display.
A combination of Photographs, scorecards, medals, newpaper articles
Ideal for he office/ study/games room.

Aboriginal art frame presentation

FP7 "Aboriginal art frame presentation"

An example of Float mounting an Aboriginal bark painting in a deep rebated frame profile.

item 3 dimensional framing

FP8 'Horticultural Certificates and medals for 'Best of Show''

The collection medals & certificates of a devoted floral (Sweetpea) grower's entries in the Adelaide Royal Horticultural Show from 1949-1982.
The legacy of a truly dedicated father!

3D frame presentation

FP9 "Collection of Georgian Miniature Portraits"

A way of keeping a collection together in an attractive deep-rebated frame/decorative fillet profile.

memoribillia frame presentation

FP10Memorial shield framed to thank a local council member for their services to the community
Ideal for he office/study/games room.

embroidery framing

FP11. A 1880's embroidered Chinese collar
An example of how to frame a beautiful piece of antique embroidery on a material backing.

FP12 Original Modern Lithograph printed on decalled- edged paper (this is the natural edge of hand made paper tha has been made using a wwoden frame called a Decal) that has been celebrated in this style of frame presentation. The paper is hinge-mounted from behind to hold in place. the shadows cast by the edge will be seen on the conservation board on which it is mounted.

3-D frame presentation of certificates and rosette

"Best of Show"

A wonderful collection of Mr. Tunstill's proud menagerie at the Wayville Royal Show

University degree and Cape in a 3-D presentation

FP14 "University Degree & Ceremonial Cape"

A wonderful opportunity to preserve & recognize many years of study! Here I have incorporated the degree with the ceremonial cape for, in this case, a Bachelor of Information Technology Degree. The eventual frame is a deep re-bated black frame and spacer that prevents the Glass from touching the items. I have used Conservation matboard, acid-free fomecore and Conservation glass that protects paper and textile from acid and the fading elements of UV light.

Framed 3 dimensional war medal using conservation framing techniques

FP17 "World War II Medals Display"

Here we have an inspirational WAR MEDAL DISPLAY of a Polish WW2 soldier including Name and Medal Labelling that identify his contribution to he War effort! I highly recommend using conservation presentation materials including the Protective Ultra Violet blocking glass as original ribbons will fade and fatigue once out on display in an office, games room, den. This is a wonderful way to remember those we love. They may be gone but never forgotton.

Framed 3 dimensional object using conservation framing techniques

FP18 "Large Antique Key"

This item has been framed in an oak leaf, high-rebated frame and Black velvet background to be given as a twenty-first present. A protective and novel way to turn a beautiful, once practical item into a celebration that shall always be treasured as the items that it once protected centuries ago!

Jewellery framing

FP20. An example of combining beautiful 1920's Jewellery bead-work with the Certificate of name of the business dealing in such beautiful items.

A crocheted Milk Jug Cover with blue beads to keep it in place.

FP21. "A crocheted Milk Jug Cover with blue beads to keep it in place. Made by the owners grandmother in the early 1920's.
Great for an intriguing Kitchen,sewing room or nursery display."

Coin collection is fantastic decoration for an office/ study

FP22"A coin collection is fantastic decoration and display idea for an office/ study"

Display of earrings worn by Sarawak tribes

FP23. This display is of heavy Sarawak tribal earlobe-piecing decoration. Ultra Violet blocking glass to protect has been employed and a burgundy fabric backing.

memoribilia frame presentation

FP24. "Exquisite generational collection"
Three generations of collecting on display...
Having been saved from the playful claws of a pet feline this scent-bottle collection is now removed from a-top the family piano. The black velvet blackground best celebrates the jewellers detailed creations accompanied by the delicious color of precious stones, glass and crystals all the while protected by UV blocking conservation glass.

Coin collection is fantastic decoration for an office/ study

FP22"Example of how a collectable Limited Edition Collectable Coin can be conservation framed and displayed safely using Conservation framing: Issued by the Royal Australian Mint, 2011 Frosted Uncirculated Coin dedicated to Lt Tom "Diver"Derrick- VC DCM Bridge-Adelaide

Centennial Hall, Wayville Showgrounds, Adelaide, Tom Jones, HErman's Hermits, Conservation Framing, Memoribillia

FP25. "Proof that we were all young once!"

Now here is a family gem brought in warts 'n all lucky to still BE! For all those that "survived the Sixties the Feature artists will bring back some memories. For many generations betweeen 1936 (built to celebrate South Australia's 100th Birthday) & 2005 this hall was a venue for State School exams and also the many flower displays, jam and baking exhibits etc as part of our annual September Agricultural Show...but in 1966 bopped along to scourge of the contemporary youth= Rock Music! The Hall, suffering for having been built during the Depression (Concrete Cancer and eroding steel= SOB!), has been replaced by a State of the Art exhibition Hall with best practise Storm Water Capture and Solar panels installed. ( = YAY!)
This relic/proof of of past lives lived had perchance migrated to Canada four decades ago before being found and sent to a nostalgic brother to bring in to be preserved for future generations (to prove parents/grandparents were young once too!).
What F.A.B. local history...

SANFL, South Australian, football, memoribilia, Tony Kenny, 1934, sporting, legend, hero

RFP1. An example of how original presentations can be "RETRO-FITTED" with conservation grade materials:

South Australian National Football League Memoribillia

In 1934, before the days of computer generated images, word processors, and Copy/Paste capability, such recognitions of valuable service were deserving of specially commisioned artwork such as this! In this case we several cameo works of art celebrating an administrator's contribution to the rugged sport that is Australian Rules Football. Many of the uniquely Australian iconic features, the Sturt Desert Pea, Wattle, Magpie and Kookaburra, are worthy symbols to adorn such a high honour of loyal service.
Tony Kenny’s list of achievements began in 1924 to finally earned him an induction to the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HALL OF FAME IN 2004.
Such work is a grand example of the need to "retro-fit" preservation/conservation materials while not altering its period integrity.

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