Centennial Hall, Wayville Showgrounds, Adelaide, Tom Jones, HErman's Hermits, Conservation Framing, Memoribilia


Proof of past Youth Lived!

Now here is a family gem brought in warts 'n all lucky to still BE! For all those that "survived the Sixties the Feature artists will bring back some memories. For many generations betweeen 1936 (built to celebrate South Australia's 100th Birthday) & 2005 this hall was a venue for State School exams and also the many flower displays, jam and baking exhibits etc as part of our annual September Agricultural Show...but in 1966 bopped along to scourge of the contemporary youth= Rock Music! The Hall, suffering for having been built during the Depression (Concrete Cancer and eroding steel= SOB!), has been replaced by a State of the Art exhibition Hall with best practise Storm Water Capture and Solar panels installed. ( = YAY!)
This relic/proof of of past lives lived had perchance migrated to Canada four decades ago before being found and sent to a nostalgic brother to bring in to be preserved for future generations (to prove parents/grandparents were young once too!).
What F.A.B. local history...