Portrait, john keats, romantic, literay, poet, hand painted,verre églomisé, romantic, 
silhouette, antique frame, 1821

"Keats, 1821"

Silhouette of the romantic poet John Keats noting the year of his death, 1821. On 31 October, 1795, the poet John Keats was born, some believe, in a humble Inn run by his father in central London. He was part of the second generation of the Romantic Movement along with Shelley and Byron. In 1816 as a medical student, he applied for an apocathary licence but resolved to make his way as a poet.
John Keats Silhouette using Verre Églomisé:French term meaning glass gilded where metal is adhered using a gelatine adhesive. It may combined with reverse painting on glass. Dates back to pre-Roman eras but name is derived from 18th century French decorator and art dealer Jean-Bapiste Glomy (1711-1786) who repopularised it. John Keats in February of 1821 he died of TB in Rome, Italy. This seems a respectful visual epitaph of a young man who was truly appreciated posthumously like so many great artists.
Painted c.1825 evidence by type of paper placed at rear.
Size of image = 95mm x 65mm
Size of original Maple Birdseye veneer frame with gilded fillet= 165mm x 195mm
Condition = excellent
Price= sold