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Portrait, john keats, romantic, literay, poet, hand painted,verre églomisé, romantic, 
silhouette, antique frame, 1821
Portrait, john keats, romantic, literay, poet, hand painted,verre églomisé, romantic, 
silhouette, antique frame, 1821

"Keats, 1821"

Silhouette of the Poet John Keats noting the year of his death, 1821. On 31 October, 1795, the poet John Keats was born some believe in a humble Inn run by his father in central London. He was part of the second generation of the Romantic Movement along with Shelley and Byron. In 1816 as a medical student, he applied for an apocathary licence but resolved to make his way as a poet.
John Keats Silhouette using Verre Églomisé:French term meaning glass gilded where metal is adhered using a gelatine adhesive. It may combined with reverse painting on glass. Dates back to pre-Roman eras but name is derived from 18th century French decorator and art dealer Jean-Bapiste Glomy (1711-1786) who repopularised it. John Keats in February of 1821 he died of TB in Rome, Italy. This seems a respectful visual epitaph of a young man who was truly appreciated posthumously like so many great artists. Original Maple Birdseye veneer Frame with gilded fillet.
c.1825 evidence by type of paper placed at rear.
Size of image = 95mm x 65mm
= 360mm x 460mm
Original Maple Birdseye veneer frame with gilded fillet.
Condition = excellent
Price= AUD $525

Portrait of Shakespere, original steel engraving, hand cloured,c. 1860, 
Shakespeare, theatrical, dramatic, romantic,


Engraved R.A.Arlett the "Chandos" Portrait: "Chandos" portrait is one of the most famous of the portraits that may depict William Shakespeare (1564–1616). Believed to have been painted from l ife between 1600 and 1610, it may have served as the basis for the engraved portrait of Shakespeare used in the First Folio in 1623. It is named after the 3rd Duke of Chandos, an early owner. The portrait was given to the National Portrait Gallery, London on its foundation in 1856 and it is listed as number one in its collection, being its first acquisition. It has not been possible to determine with certainty who painted the portrait, nor whether it really depicts Shakespeare. However the National Portrait Gallery believes that it probably does depict the poet.
Published London, 1860
Size of image = 175mm x 225mm
Size of Antique steam pressed timber frame fitted with conservation glass to preserve delicate hand colouring = 360mm x 460mm
Condition = excellent condition
Price= AUD $525



Original etching by Leopold Joseph Flameng (1831-1891) after the statue by Lord Ronald Gower
Lord Ronald Gower was a sculptor by profession and one of his designs was a monument to Shakespeare, the central figure being the focus of Flameng's etching. Gower's completed work was modelled in Paris and exhibited in th Paris Salon.
This print also shows Hamlet in the churchyard, contemplating the skull of poor Yorick.
Published London c.1885
Size of etching (from the plate marks)= 29cm x 39cm
price = AUD$85

William Shakespeare,(William Shakspere) globe theatre , theater, London

"The Globe Theatre, Bankside, 1593"

Original steel engraving, hand coloured.
The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by actor Richard Burbage in partnership with William Shakspeare and others and many a play by them was performed in its octagonally shaped walls. These walls enclosed a roofless inner pit with three tiers of galleries the upper-most having a thatched roof. It was this that caught on fire when a canon discharged during a performance of "Henry VIII"in 1613. The Globe was rebuilt only to be burnt down again by the Puritans in 1645.

Size = 20cm x 19cm

"more to come"

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