Australia in 1890's and Photogravuring

Photogravuring is a process which represents the advancement of photographic and reproductive art in the late 1890's which enabled the great artistic and publishing houses of Europe to illustrate series of Scenery, Industries, Customs, and Archtecture to entertain, educate and influence the growing numbers of people who had access to such images due to greater access to education etc. The publisher of these images placed themselves in contact with various Colonial Governments to obtain a wide range of views. The images were taken by leading photographic artists, both professional and amateur, which accurately represent Australia in what it had accomplished and was accomplishing, to the unaquainted abroad. The Colonial Governments hoped that this sort of project would show international communities the desirable highlights and progress that the Antipodes had to offer as a destination for immigrants at a time when "Populate or Perish" was a common catch-cry.