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Established in 1989 on Unley Road , we have a collection of antique prints and maps dating from the 1600's to the 1930's. These historical images are the "snapshots" of their time, a window to wars and discoveries, periods of design and fashion. The techniques used to achieve this are a record of developing technology, begining with woodcuts and progressing to engraving metal (copper and then steel), lithographs, mezzotints, aquatints, all requiring hand colouring. In the 1860's the process known as "chromolithography" achieved printing in colour, as did "gravuring" and other processes.

All of our prints and maps are original to the date stated in their desciption. When a "circa" or "c." appears, this denotes that the item is near to the date stated and we have used our knowledge of printing, paper-making techniques and aging condition to ascertain the date of publication. ( see APPROVED VALUERS OF ANTIQUE PRINTS )

Preserving for the future

These historical survivors, whether they be of monetary, historic, artistic or sentimental value need special care and responsible framing will be an integral part of their preservation. We are members of the PICTURE FRAMERS GUILD OF AUSTRALIA (PFGA), an organisation that is committed to upholding and promoting PROFESSIONAL FRAMING STANDARDS of paper, textile and objects which include levels of Conservation and Museum quality products now available in the market place.See examples of these at FRAME PRESENTATIONS & CONSERVATION

We display our prints for sale in a variety of ways:

If you would like to view an item of interest not illustrated please email me and I will add an image to my online catalogue. Antique prints make unique and memorable gifts as wedding, birthday or anniverary presents.


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