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The World in Section describing the Polar Regions to the Tropics with the Tracks of Lord Mulgrave and Captain Cook towards the North and South Poles and the Torrid Zone or Tropical Regions with the New Discoveries of the South Sea

Original copper-plate engraving "Presented by their Obt. Servt. AlexR. Hogg" (Alexander Hogg (active c. 1778-1824) was a London based book, map, and print publisher. Hogg is best known for his publication of the journals of James Cook. His offices were based at no. 16 Paternoster Row, London, England. In the detail of NEW HOLLAND : On the East coast of "New Holland" Botany Bay is noted as it had been discovered by Cook and Banks but as we now know the first convict colony was established at Port Jackson (as no fresh water at Botany Bay). It also notes "Endeavour R" (where Cook's Endeavour came to grief on the Reef June 11, 1770) and "Tribulation". Although printed in the year of the first fleet, the news of final settlement had not returned to the Publishers in Britain yet! Indeed in the Tropical band at the base the West coast is labelled "de Witts Land 1628" with the North coast "Diemens Land 1618" nd current Cape York ,"Carpenteria 1628" with "Van Diemens Land", "Nuyt's Land 1627" and "Edels Land 1619" all Dutch references as explained in the LEEX5 SOUTHERN CONTINENT depicting the 1644 Dutch discoveries.
Published London c.1788
Dimensions of paper = 245mm x 415mm
Condition = Very Good example of Fleur de Lis design watermarked Laid, partial original plate mark as was trimmed tightly on left and top edge at time of printing. In original conditon as issued in 1788 with no later hand colouring.
Price = AUD$425

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