In the mid 18th Century, Elder Whatman is credited with devising what we now call Wove paper. However, it took about another 40 years to develop the technology to produce a high quality wove paper that could be made in large quantities at economical prices. The first paper making machine was invented in Francein the late 1700ís by Nicholas Louis Robert and l;ater developed by Henry Fourdrinier in the early 1800ís. Instead of using crossing wires, wove paper was made in a mould covered by a very fine woven mesh of thousands of brass wires. This made a much smoother paper sheet. In addition a roller was added to further smooth the surface of the paper sheet. Early wove paper was still made from cotton fibers, and was of high quality. Wove paper is not as strong a s the hand made wove paper as the fibres were more uniform laying in the same direction. With the random settling of the long paper fibres on the wire screen the resulting paper is much harder to tear hence more durable.